Mitsubishi (Uni) POSCA Paint Marker Pen. -

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Mitsubishi (Uni) POSCA Paint Marker Pen

Sun, Apr 19th 2015, 17:11:09

POSCA, distributed by Mitsubishi Pencil, are water-based pigment ink felt-tip pens. They use a non-transparent water-based pigment ink, the colors bright and vivid like the ones of paint. After drying the ink becomes water resistant, the colors don’t ooze, spread out or set off. Since the colors are water-based, materials are not affected or harmed, just another of many merits.

A first assumption may be that the pens could only work on paper and the like, however, the pigment ink allows for much more diversified use like metal, glass, plastic and so on (however, if strongly scrubbed with fingernails or a towel, it will come off again as its adherence properties are not particularly strong).

There is an abundance of colors, numbering to 17 different kinds including gold, silver and metallic as well. Fluorescence colors are also available in five different colors.

With those many merits the pens are frequently used in a variety of ways and places like elementary and middle schools or for trendy advertisement in storefronts to just name a few examples.

In addition, other derivate products of the brand are BRUSH POSCA, SUPERFINE POSCA, and LAME POSCA. 

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