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Jan 22nd, 04:38:34(JST)

【TransferWise】Point Back Campaign

Fri, Dec 20th 2019, 16:00:04
Dear Customer,

Thank you for always using J-Subculture!

We're having a "Point Back Campaign" for TransferWise funds sent between December 22 and 25.

Send your funds (more than 50,000 JPY) via TransferWise during this period. You'll receive 3% point for the amount you send.

This is to help you have your deposit ready before New Year's Holiday. We are closed from 31/DEC/19 to 2/JAN/20. TransferWise is closed from 30/DEC/19 to 6/JAN/20. No funds can be added to your deposit during these period.

To be ready for auctions during the holiday, we recommend you send us your funds by 26/DEC/19 at the latest. Funds sent on 27/DEC/19 or later will be added on 7/JAN/20 or later.

A) Campaign Schedule: December 22 to December 25

B) Requirement: Send more than 50,000 JPY via TransferWise between December 22 and December 25. (Campaign does not apply for funds less than 50,000 JPY)

We hope you get ready for auctions/shopping before we go on holiday.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

Your J-Subculture Team

※Our handling fee of 1% (minimum 500JPY) will be charged as usual.

※Time and dates shown are Japan time.

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