nanoblock collections, building blocks for nibble fingers!. -

Jul 24th, 18:09:24(JST)

nanoblock collections, building blocks for nibble fingers!

Fri, Jun 5th 2015, 14:19:12

NANOBLOCK, building blocks for nibble fingers!

After the DIABLOCKS, the construction toy manufacturer KAWADA brings us a new and mesmerizing mini-block series, called NANOBLOCK, which are about half the size of its before-mentioned predecessors. The smallest brick comes in a magnitude of merely 4mm x 4mm x 5mm! Like its bigger pendant, the nanoblock bricks employ the same double-ridged spring construction system. Although smaller in size they are not inferior to the larger bricks, actually they might be all the more a challenge to assemble. Whether kids or adults, both may immerse themselves to the fullest in this new hobby of constructing and building in the smallest of scales. Exactly because the structures are so small it gives it a more real and detailed feel. Widen and enlarge your world with this micro-sized building blocks.  

Since the release of nanoblock, KAWADA has ever expanded its catalog with new creations and continuously adds unthinkable creations of the mini-block sets that enthuse people in Japan and abroad. Popular lineups are for instance the world sightseeing series, the Pokemon series, the animal series among others and with more to come as the nanoblock seem to have no creative boundary. 



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