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Cost Overview - Your Expense Clarity: Cost Breakdown and Payment Details -

Table of Contents

All Bill Components

Insurance Options for Your Order

Protecting Your Purchases during transit from the seller to our warehouse
– each plan designed to safeguard your every purchase.

Plan A / B - Basic forwarding -

・Items purchased using this plan will be forwarded to you as they arrive at our warehouse.
・We are unable to compensate or refund you for items that arrive damaged, with missing parts, or fail to arrive at all.
・Plan A is only available for a Business status user.

Plan C - Basic forwarding -

・Domestic Shipping Incidents: If your item is lost or damaged during domestic shipping (Seller to our warehouse), we'll contact the seller/shop to resolve it.
・Full refund: You will receive a full refund if your item was lost or damaged during transit in Japan.

- Visual inspection Process -

We visually confirm if your item matches the store or seller's description in terms of the following:
・Visual Verification
・Size Confirmation
・Color Confirmation
・Item Number Verification (* We do NOT assess functionality, authenticity, original defects, condition or specialized knowledge requirements)

Please keep in mind the following important details for all insurance plans :

・No Coverage for Authenticity
・No Coverage for Condition.
・Coverage Limited to Local Shipping: Our insurance plans cover local shipping within Japan only. For international shipping issues, you must file a claim with the shipping company. We can assist with the process but aren't responsible for international shipping problems.

Our Fee Structure

* Items from auction can only be combined if they are won on the same day within a specific timeframe. (24 hours from 9:00 AM to 8:59 AM Japan time)

Optional Handling Fees for a quotation

Item Storage fee

Consolidation Fee/per packaging

Please keep in mind the following details after you receive a shipping bill.

・1,500 JPY will be charged if you wish to re-package.
・300 JPY per item will be charged if you wish to add to or remove orders from a package.

Specialized Packaging

・Items packed with specialized packaging cannot be combined with other items for shipping.
・Some items may require specialized packaging not listed here. If unsure, please contact us.
・Additional charges may apply for packing materials when necessary.

Additional Package Fee for High-Value Orders

Warehouse to Japanese Address Handling Fee

* Unser Beförderer für Inlandsendungen ist SAGAWA Express:


Local Shipping Cost

・Mercari Shop: Mostly Free
・Yahoo Auction: Varies by size and seller's adless
・Other proxy shopping: Regulations vary.

International Shipping

・Express Mail Service (EMS) - Japanese Post Office
・Registriertes Päckchen (Luftpost)
・Registriertes Päckchen (SAL: auf Land- und Luftweg)
・Small Packet (Surface Mail)
・Internationales Paket (Luftpost)
・Internationales Paket (SAL)
・Internationales Paket (See- und Landweg)
・FedEx (International Priority)
・FedEx (International Economy)

Payment Options & Payment Process

Payment Transaction Fee

Deposit Usage

How to Add Deposit

Refunds / Cancellation

・Deposit Refund: You can request a deposit refund at any time.
・Auction Refund: Refunds can only be processed after the auction closes.
・No auction cancellation: Auction bids cannot be canceled once placed.
・No refund for discarded items.
・Shopping points: Once withdrawn from the membership, Points are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash.

Refund Processing

・Allow at least one business day (maximum 7 business days) for the refund transaction, conducted through PayPal.
・How to get a refund: Contact us via the message board to request a refund.

Refund Eligibility:

The Company may not comply with the User's request for the cancellation of items or a refund under these circumstances:
・The User purchased items listed in the export control regulations.
・The purchased items were prohibited in the location where the User is situated.


Falls du nicht weisst, wie bei der Suche vorzugehen, lese bitte diese Anleitungen hier.