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This simulator gives you total cost estimation for your purchase including international shipping costs.
You can save money by purchasing multiple items and ship them together with us than using other proxies!

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* If from the same shop, multiple items can be included in one quote.
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*Please enter the weight of the package you wish to send, and please enter the unit in kg, e.g. 450g => 0.45 / 7kg => 7.
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* Please enter the item size (length, width and depth) in centimeter. If not known, leave it blank.
* If no size is entered, only weight is applied to the calculation. The actual shipping cost will be calculated based on the heavier of the volumetric weight or the actual weight after packing, so this estimated result is an assumed shipping cost based on the data you entered.
* The basis for volumetric weight calculation is length x width x depth / 5000, in centimeters.
* For large items that exceed the shipping company's regulations, a special handling fee will be added to the actual shipping cost.
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Estimated Costs

* Estimated cost here is based on the weight and size you gave. The actual costs that you'll be billed may differ.
* Estimated cost does not include customs duty. Click here for notes on customs duties and clearance.

Item cost 3,250JPY
Insurance 500JPY ( 100JPY × 5PC(S) )
* When [Plan A] is selected.
Handling fee (Bank fee) 250JPY
* Handling fee is charged per quote, not per item.
International shipping cost * Please select a shipping method.
3,900JPY Delivers in 4-8 days.
1,670JPY (+460JPY) Delivers in 8-21 days.
1,470JPY (+460JPY) Delivers in 2-4 weeks.
800JPY (+460JPY) Delivers in 3 months or longer.
4,200JPY Delivers in 8-21 days.
2,900JPY Delivers in 2-4 weeks.
2,600JPY Delivers in 3 months or longer.
2,827JPY Delivers in 3-6 days, surcharge & insurance included.
2,777JPY Delivers in 7-14 days, surcharge & insurance included.
7,359JPY Delivers in 3-8 days, surcharge & insurance included.
2,691JPY Delivers in 3-8 days, surcharge & insurance included.
* You can select shipping method when making a shipping request.
* Items from multiple quotes can be combined to ship together.
* Some shipping methods are not available in certain countries. You can check Japan Post's page here to see what option is available for you. If you're not sure which shipping methods are available for you, please contact us on the message board.
Consolidation Fee 0JPY

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