Pilot fountain pen Cavalier FCA-5SR series

Aug 26th, 18:35:06(JST)

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Kokuyo Harinacs Staplers

HARINACS, the 'stapleless' stapler. 'Hari' means a needle and 'nacs' means 'throw away' in Japanese. The HARINACS stapler series binds by only using the paper itself and no metallic staples are requir...

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Pentel Graph Gear Mechanical Pe...

Graph Gear, the most popular multi-pen and mechanical pencil series by Pentel. Be ready to write or draw in the most precision way with the Graph Gear Mechanical Pencil. 

[shop.j-subculture.com] 05/01 11:02:46
Mitsubishi (Uni) Kurutoga Mecha...

Kurutoga, the stylish and functional mechanical pencils by Uni (Mitsubishi). The Kurutoga series are mechanical pencils with a turning mechanism that continuously sharpens the leads. Everytime when wr...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 04/30 09:08:02
Pilot Frixion Erasable Ballpoin...

Do you think only if you make a mistake writting with a pencil can you use an eraser and begin again? That's what all of us used to think before using Pilot Frixion Erasable Pen!  You can make al...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 04/29 16:12:05
Japan auction service

For CAREFREE and COMMISSION FREE auctioning on JAPAN's most popular platform, the YAHOO AUCTION, use J-SUBCULTURE! You send us your request, we take care of the rest. With our services we are provid...

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Notice of Site Renewal

http://www.j-subculture.com/ has been renewed. With the renewal, the site will be easier to use and to overview.   Then, as for new features, the below functions were added: - UPGRADE of the SE...

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How to make full use of PRE-ORDERING Let's take a closer look on the subject. Many might not know, but PRE-ORDERING has some distinct benefits. Below we will explain how it works through our ser...

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Update from J-Subculture!

An Update from J-Subculture~   Business is Great!   Since last month, we’ve been hiring new staff to fill a variety of roles. As a result our business is growing fast. We’re s...

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