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Pilot fountain pen Prera Iro-Ai...

Prera Fountain Pen The Prera Fountain Pen Collection is crafted with a clear resin barrel for showcasing beautiful inks. each pen is infused with frosted colored accents, with seven eye-catching optio...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 06/04 13:44:30
Pilot fountain pen Lady White s...

Elegant, Calm but resolutely  In Japanese, "Rin" include all these words. "Lady White" is suitable for expressing this word. "Rin" - tell noble beauty. So, "Lad...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 05/15 11:37:50
Pilot fountain pen Capless FCN-...

Surprisingly, you can protect nib from dry out by only one hand. Actually, this is big weak point of fountain pen. Nib is very weak to dry. For protecting from dry out, it is needed to write continuou...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 05/14 18:39:52
amiibo for Wii U and New Ninten...

For products, scroll down to the bottom ↓ AMIIBO distributed by NINTENDO is a game accessory figure with a built-in IC-CHIP.  The figures can be read into the WII U ‘Wii U GamePa...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 05/09 11:14:08
Japan auction service

For CAREFREE and COMMISSION FREE auctioning on JAPAN's most popular platform, the YAHOO AUCTION, use J-SUBCULTURE! You send us your request, we take care of the rest. With our services we are provid...

[J-Subculture News] 03/24 16:55:03
Notice of Site Renewal

http://www.j-subculture.com/ has been renewed. With the renewal, the site will be easier to use and to overview.   Then, as for new features, the below functions were added: - UPGRADE of the SE...

[J-Subculture News] 08/26 19:14:12

How to make full use of PRE-ORDERING Let's take a closer look on the subject. Many might not know, but PRE-ORDERING has some distinct benefits. Below we will explain how it works through our ser...

[J-Subculture News] 07/04 20:09:55
Update from J-Subculture!

An Update from J-Subculture~   Business is Great!   Since last month, we’ve been hiring new staff to fill a variety of roles. As a result our business is growing fast. We’re s...

[J-Subculture News] 05/29 17:39:28

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