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Zebra Glitter Highlighters

Sun, May 22nd 2016, 14:54:50


What is life without glitter? The Japanese company ZEBRA CO., LTD produces a myriad of writing utensils to suit any writer out there. We at J-Subculture like to keep tabs on the coolest stationery they have to offer in Japan so we can provide you with the best. Today we'd like to introduce to you Zebra's Glitter Highlighters, or キラリッチ (Kirarich) in Japanese. "Kira" is short for "kira kira," which means sparkly and glittery in Japanese, and "rich" is used as "rich in~" so bascially they're trying to get the message across that these highlighters are all about glitter. You'd be surprised how sparkly your writing and drawings will look through these highlighters! There are tiny fragments of glitter included in the ink of each highlighter. Just a single stroke leaves a trail of sparkly color across your paper. They're perfect for making every letter and art work a little extra special. There are a total of five colors avaliable, sold singularly, or in packs of three and five. The colors are blue, green, yellow, pink, and purple:

 The designs of the lovely highlighters are meant to resemble cosmetics over writing utensils. Using these colorful, sparkly highlighters will bring a smile to your face. Although it uses ink that is different from most pens, there is no need to shake it before using it. Just decorate away! We have these glitter highlighters avaliable just for you here at J-Subculture. Keep calm and glitter on!

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