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How To Search For Items With J-SUBCULTURE

Search Popular Shopping Sites Directly!

Step One: Click the "SEARCH" button at the top of the page.

Step Two: Please select the web site you would like to shop by checking the box in front of its symbol.

Step Three: You can set a price range, but you don't have to.

Step Four: You can also specify categories to search from.
*With Amazon, and only Amazon, the search will not function if no categories are set.

Step Five: Click the Search button~! ^_^

If You Don't Know What To Search In Japanese...


The fastest way to search our database is in Japanese, but there are many ways to find the keywords and sentences to lead you to the products you want! First, try asking us and our helpful staff will provide you with suggestions.

Try Google Translator For Your Keywords

Or, you can use Google to translate keywords from your native language into Japanese. Then simply input the translated terms into our database. Translate now!

Still Cannot Find Your Items?

Search Service

If you still have trouble finding your items, we also offer a personalized Search Service!
Just send us an exact as possible description of the item or items you are looking for, and a member of our bilingual staff will search the database for you.
Because this service is still being tested, you can enjoy it free of charge! The amount of time taken may vary.

However while we try our best, we cannot offer a %100 guarantee that the item will be found.

You Can Search For Your Favourite Item Easily By Using Japanese Keyword

You Can Choose Our Recommended Keywords And Use It In Your Item Search.

Step One: Click "SEARCH" button at the top of the page.

Step Two: Please click on a keyword you would like to use.

Find the items you would like to buy

If you don't know how to search, please check the instructions here.