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Japanese Wind Chimes

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In Japan, when we hear the word "summer," many things come to mind. Yukata, uchiwa, mugiwara boushi, natsumatsuri, fuurin. These words are all connected to Japanese summer--yukata, a type of kimono you wear in the summer, uchiwa, a Japanese paper fan, mugiwara boushi, straw hats, natsumatsuri, summer festival, and fuurin. What is fuurin? Fuurin, or 風鈴 refers to Japanese wind chimes. The kanji character 風 (fu) means "wind" and 鈴 (rin) means "bell." When it's summer, the Japanese like to hang wind chimes outside. When the summer breeze hits the wind chime, it lets out a gentle sound while swaying ever so slightly. Japanese wind chimes help us feel cool in the summer.

Wind chimes are a staple item in Japan during the summer. The pretty sound it produces calms us down. Japanese-styled glass wind chime in particular are the most beautiful, featuring simple designs to represent summer, such as fireworks, gold fish, and morning glories. 

There are other styles of Japanese wind chimes as well, like ones that resemble bells, as well as character wind chimes. The bell-shaped wind chimes give off a zen vibe, bringing peace into the home and warding off bad spirits. Character wind chimes feature your favorite anime characters, such as Nyanko Sensei from Natsume's Book of Friends!

The use of Japanese wind chimes can be traced back to the Edo Period of Japan. Nowadays it is a common custom to use wind chimes. Hanging them outside your home on the balcony or in the garden is the usual way to use them. There are also wind chime festivals you can enjoy in the summer.

Having a Japanese wind chime is bound to bring you delight and peace in the summer. Here at J-Subculture, we have lovely wind chimes to choose from. Cool off and take it easy this summer through Japanese wind chimes.

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