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Everish, 2 in 1 Facial Care!

Thu, Mar 9th 2017, 15:34:05

Your skin deserves the best in facial care. Although there are many products out there that claim to be good for your skin, how can you truly believe them, with their flashy designs and strange colors? For most Japanese products, the main idea is to gently cleanse the skin in the most simplest of ways. No magic tricks ladies and gentlemen, for its all natural. Today at J-Subculture, we'd like to introduce you to a line of facial care products that use a plant-based formula to naturally cleanse your skin. It's Everish, facial scrub and face wash.

Each tube of Everish is a 2 in 1 facial care product. That means that you can use it as both a cleasner and facial scrub! It contains fine particles of crushed walnuts. Through this, you can exfoliate your skin thoroughly without harming your skin and the ocean. To use Everish, dispense about 1 to 1.5 centimeters onto the palm of your hand or a bowl and combine it with warm water. You can create a thick, creamy lather that you can't normally produce through facial scrubs. It's unbelievable how you can feel the exfoliation process with the walnuts but cleanse your face ever so softly at the same time! You won't have to go through the trouble of making your facial routine longer anymore. It's quick, effective skin care!

There are a total of four Everish products to choose from, with the latest being Mint. Besides Mint, there is Charcoal (which deeply cleanses your pores and helps to prevent blackheads), Green Tea (which keeps your skin healthy and gives you a natural glow), and Aloe (which moisturizes your skin and keeps it soft). Mint is absolutely refreshing, and is highly recommended for hot, summer days!

We have these natural facial products here at J-Subculture. Treat your skin the right way with Everish!

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