Shuriken (Ninja Star)

Mon, May 7th 2018, 11:36:06
May 8th is 5% Point Back Campaign Day on Proxy Service!

And today's theme is
'Shuriken' (Ninja Star).

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Do you know Ninja?

Ninja is an ancient spy in Japan.

When you think about Ninja,you may come up with Shuriken at the same time.

Shuriken are weapons for Ninja and they were using Shuriken as time-earning tools when running away.

Though Japanese don't use them as weapons at all in modern times,there are Shuriken toys in Japanese market. And Japanese children sometimes make Shuriken with color papers called 'Origami'.

You can buy both Shuriken toys and Shuriken made of Origami on our shop♪

Shuriken (Ninja Star)

Origami Shuriken


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