Mon, Jun 11th 2018, 12:55:30
June 12th is 5% Point Back Campaign Day on Proxy Service

And today's recommended theme is Plarail.

(CLICK IMAGE to access products & ask our staff for assistance if needed)

Plarail is popular toy from long time ago in Japan.

It is providing rails,traffic lights,railroad crossings,stations,train models which imitated real trains and so on.

Anyway,the attraction of the products is that you can assemble rail courses and run them as you like.

If you get them,please enjoy as you like(^^)/

And this is a new product information!

The character trains collaborated with 'Pokémon' , 'Thomas and friends', 'Gegege no Kitaro' will be released in this June.

Click the image above and check them all ♪♪

*Most of them are pre-order products and the release dates are different.

Please note that it takes time to deliver.


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