HYPNOSIS MIC -Division Rap Battle-

Sun, May 19th 2019, 21:40:18
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Voice Actors×Rap×Anime Characters (声優×ラップ×キャラ)

An unprecedented and ambitious multimedia project that started out on September 2nd, 2017! Although it was a completely unknown project at the time of launching, the first music video release「Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-」stormed right up to 3rd place in the YouTube ranking and elsewhere, creating quite a stir!

12 famous voice actors and their teams go all-out on battling each other with some serious Japanese rap, using their Hypnosis Mics! Those of you, who haven’t seen it yet, please check it out over on YouTube\(^o^)/The official videos are up✧˖☆°

Talking to our anime-loving staff, who seems to also enjoy hip hop and rock, she is totally into Hypnosis Mic (*'▽'), saying this is like the best combination ever! Her support goes out to Yumeno Gentarou (夢野 幻太郎), MC name【Phantom】of the Shibuya Division (Fling Posse).

But also the other project characters have their unique appeal and their rap is really great☆ We can totally see, if one has more than one favorite or whole teams to fan for (^^)/

Now for Hypnosis Mic official goods have been released by both Hypnosis Mic itself and Animeto (^_-)-☆ We have picked out a couple items for you here, but there are many more, so please make sure to check them out!

By the way, using our PROXY SHOPPING services allows you also to buy on PRE-ORDER products, should you see some future releases of your favorite Hypnosis Mic characters (*^_^*)

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Hypnosis Mic Official


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