ENSEMBLE STARS! The Anime – The Wait Is Finally Over!

Sun, Jun 23rd 2019, 18:09:10
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The products we introduce you this time are all about the upcoming anime series of『ENSEMBLE STARS!・あんさんぶるスターズ!』!(^^)!

Initially the ENSEMBLE STARS! Anime was set to air in 2017, but then the release dragged on and on…and now finally on JULY 7TH, 2019, it premiers, hurray \(^o^)/ That’s something to look forward to, isn’t it♪♪ Will the wait have been worth it and what kind of anime is it going to be? The expectations are high!!

Originally ENSEMBLE STARS! is a smartphone game and the official abbreviation of it is『ENSTA・あんスタ』, merging the first characters of each word. Since the release on April 28th, 2015, the game has enjoyed huge popularity! There are even Chinese and Korean editions available of it:

Chinese Edition:『偶像梦幻祭(偶像夢幻祭)』

Korean Edition:『앙상블스타즈 for kakao』


It’s at the specialized, all-male idol training school, the「Yumenosaki Private Academy」, where with the new school year a brand new「Producer Course」is being established. You, the protagonist, a freshly transferred student and the only female on campus, are going to spend your youthful days by producing these idols of great individuality into the next ensemble of stars on the entertainment sky, as you have been chosen the very first student of the school’s「Producer Course」.

So it’s an idol-training produce game and for the character voices many popular voice actors are contributing! And you know, these very same voice actors from the game will also take charge of the voice acting in the anime~(^^)/

By now there are 11-13 main units and consequently the rooster of characters is quite large. So whom to fan for puts you in a tough spot, isn’t it. But whether you cheer for a whole unit or a single character, either one will be fine, right (*^_^*) As for us, we are very excited and are looking forward to the start with great anticipation!

ENSTA is going into its 4th year and the game itself is so hugely popular that there have been live casts, stage performances, radio airings, CD sales and much more in its wake. Only natural that there are great many fan goods available for your personal collection \(^o^)/

To all of you who play games, who like voice actors and who are interested in the franchise, how about taking a look at the many items at this occasion??

animate :https://www.animate-onlineshop.jp/animetitle/?aid=3748

enskyshop :https://www.enskyshop.com/products/list.php?character_id=787

movic :https://www.movic.jp/shop/r/r100138/

suruga-ya :https://www.suruga-ya.jp/feature/e_stars/index.html

夢ノ咲学園購買部 :https://stars.bnarts.jp/

ensemble-stars :https://em1.ensemble-stars.jp/media/goods/goods_official/

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