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Sat, May 25th 2019, 16:32:43
【J-SUB Shop Product Introductions – Beauty & Health related Items】

High in demand also at our company, we introduce you to a very popular series of skin care products from Japan!

In this article we talk about the basic skin care lines of HADALABO GOKUJUN Moisturizing Skin Care (肌研 極潤), HATOMUGI Skin Conditioner (ハトムギ化粧水), KIKUMASAMUNE Sake Skin Care (日本酒化粧水) & MUJI Sensitive Skin Care (MUJI 化粧水):

These 4 brands are much appreciated in Japan. Since the skin of Japanese people is sensitive and dries out very easily, mild and moist-retaining skin lotions are in favor with the Japanese. This is why these introduced products in particular have become best-sellers, enjoying high praise and are well-regarded by consumers.

※ Since various skin types exist, no matter how well reputed and rated these products in general are, the products may or may not suit your own skin.

HADALABO GOKUJU Moisturizing Skin Care

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is key and this line-up combines a total 3 types of Hyaluronic Acids all in one (hyaluronic acid / super hyaluronic acid / nano-sized hyaluronic acid). With the same mild acidity of that of a healthy skin, the formula gives espcial consideration to the gentleness going to the skin.

Fragrance-Free / Color-Free / Oil-Free / Alcohol-Free / Sensitive Skin Patch Tested ※ This doesn’t mean nobody will experience irritation of skin.

HATOMUGI Skin Conditioner

A skin lotion providing moisture to the skin and adjusting the skin condition with the natural moisturizing agent of the Hatomugi extract.

It helps to rehydrate well, gives a refreshed feeling, is not sticky and can be freely used on both the face and the whole of body for the daily beauty routine. Amply used the 500ml bottle is great value!

Fragrance-Free / Color-Free / Hypoallergenic / Oil-Free / Surfactant-Free


In the past, when there was no basic skin lotion available, the people resorted to the use of sake, or Japanese rice wine, to treat their skins and this lotion was created from that very wisdom of old.

All the amino acids are condensed in one bottle! Also here, the 500ml bottle that can be used plentifully for the face, body and the back on a daily basis, provides top cost performance value.

Mild Acidity / Color-Free / Mineral Oil-Free / Moist Retention Ingredients (Japanese rice wine, amino acid, placenta extract, arbutin) ※ Carries a scent of sake (alcohol)

MUJI Sensitive Skin Care

After all this said, now we turn the attention to the inducing lotion! In other words, the toning water that is put on before the application of the face lotions. The toner softens the complexions and prepares the skin so that the beauty components of the subsequent lotion can easily penetrate until the horny layers of the skin.

Also our staff has been using it and says that without applying it, it’s just not the same feel!!

Treat yourself for a supple, radiant and smooth skin with these quality beauty products from Japan! Each of the products is great value and once used to it, you will become a repeater no doubt! Please consider this opportunity to stock up on your beauty skin care supplies, we take your orders \(^o^)/

※ Disclaimer: Whether the lotions and other beauty products will be suitable or not is individual. In case that it is not suitable for your skin, please immediately stop using the products. As we can’t take any responsibilities at our company, please place your purchases after understanding this aspect.

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