MY HERO ACADEMIA - Off to a new Round!

Tue, Sep 17th 2019, 11:41:35
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The from October starting 4th season of『My Hero Academia・僕のヒーローアカデミア』is now one of the most hotly anticipated anime to come out this fall!!

My Hero Academia, or short HeroAca, was first published in the WEEKLY SHOUNEN JUMP issue no. 32 in 2014 and has been serialized since in 24 volumes!

The anime ran for its 1st season from April to June 2016, the 2nd season from March to September 2017, the 3rd season aired between April to September 2018 and from October 2019, the 4th season is ready to go on air. Also a movie adaption is planned for the end of the year, coming to theaters on December 20th, 2019. Can't wait!!

As of 2018, along with HAIKYU!! (see our other post) this series was considered one of the very popular works of Weekly Shounen Jump, right up there with ONE PIECE and HUNTER×HUNTER!

The worldwide hit My Hero Academia! Here some success numbers:

・The anime has been distributed in over 148 countries

・In the year 2017 comic sales ranking in the US it took 4th place

・That same year, it also reached the same rank in France for comic sales

・In the Japan Expo Award MANGA category it made to the 1st place

・According to FUNimation for the distribution in North America, it was 1st place for viewing numbers in April and in July 2017.

Isn’t this amazing!! A lot of related collectible fan goods are on sale, so how about checking them out before the start of the 4th season and the movie (*^_^*)?

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