Spring Anime 2020 Introductions (Starting in April)

Sun, Apr 5th 2020, 03:10:33
From April on the new anime series will start airing, woohoo \(^o^)/

Personally, it feels like there are many sequels this time!!

With the large number of shows to run, we introduce you our staff recommendations together with some productions that made us particularly curious♪

 SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization: War of Underworld

It started running from October 2018 and will conclude with the airing of this second half of the season!!

We have been for this time to come so badly … it's been so long … but then knowing it will end with this, there is also a pinch of grief, we have to admit.

 KAGUYA-SAMA: Love is War

This will be the 2nd season. The 1st one aired in January 2019!

In addition of love to be the war between hearts and minds being an interesting conception, the schemes the progotanists use to make each other confess, really makes you laughing (lol).

It's a bit slow-moving for the plot, but making you figuring what may be the next scheme they will come up with!?, is absolutely one of the joys of this show (lol).

 KOMATTA JII-SAN: Troublesome Old Man

This comicial pieces comes with a somewhat sober a title to grasp your curiosity (lol) The plot is about wanting to stay a merry couple, even when becoming grey and old! Be sure to have your laughter muscles tickled. It is as funny, as it is charming!

There are so many shows you want to watch and you don't know which to go for …

But hey, there is remedy! All anime information you can check from here ^^:


※ The above is written in Japanese. The below URL has the Japanese titles written in English:


Check it out and enjoy this year's anime spring season with us!


KAGUYA-SAMA: Love is War

MY youth romantic comedy is wrong AS Ⅰ EXPECTED

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