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Thu, Aug 25th 2022, 13:06:08

VTuber "Shisaki Zion", a member of Hololive Production and a second term student of Hololive, has been sculpted!

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She is dressed in her well-known costume and posing in a very determined pose.

The figure has been carefully sculpted down to the smallest of details to match her dynamic pose.

Her hair is sculpted using clear parts to reproduce her beautiful, shiny hair color.

The cape and skirt are also sculpted with a fluffy movement.

The hat has a built-in magnet and can be attached or detached.

The magnet makes it easy to display the figure in the way you like.

The pedestal is designed in the motif of the crescent moon of the fan mark.

Please enjoy the energetic "Shion Murasaki" at your hand!

●Month of Release:Feb, 2023

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