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Sat, Apr 27th 2024, 11:18:50

How to use Rakuma for shopping Japanese Stuff from anywhere Online

Your Premier Japan Proxy Shopping Service: Enjoy seamless access to Rakuma with J-Subculture, no matter where you are in the world to buy from Japan. We handle the complexities of international shipping, payment processing, and communication to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

What is Rakuma?

Your Portal to Japan's Exclusive Marketplace: Rakuma, powered by Rakuten and used by over 10 million users, is Japan’s most dynamic online flea marketplace. It features a continuously updated selection of both new and used items, with tens of thousands of new listings every day. 

J-Subculture: Shopping from Rakuma Made Easy 

Your Japanese Proxy Shopping Partner: Our easy-to-use platform allows you to navigate Rakuma’s extensive catalog as if you were in Japan. With J-Subculture, you're assured of:

・Safe Transactions

・Easy Communication

・Hassle-Free Shipping

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