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Sun, Mar 24th 2024, 12:03:57

Where to Buy K-POP Photocards? 

J-Subculture, proxy shop service, open to access to the largest selection of rare and limited-edition K-POP photocards from top Japanese marketplaces like Mercari JP, Rakuten Rakuma, and Yahoo Flea Market. Shop globally with ease and find unique deals today.

More Exclusive Deals: Photocards aren't just limited to eBay and Etsy. Explore exclusive deals and discounts available only in Japanese marketplaces such as Mercari jp, Rakuma, Yahoo Fleamarket.

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BTS photocards in Rakuma

IVE photocards in Mercari

TXT photocards in Yahoo FleaMarket

Seventeen photocards in Rakuma

NCT photocards in Mercari

Stray Kids photocards in Rakuma

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