Changes in our Yahoo Auction & Purchasing agency services

Tue, Feb 2nd 2016, 16:27:43
We would like to thank you for always using our J-Subculture services!

Today, we'd like to introduce you a few changes we've just made in our Yahoo Auction and Purchasing agency service for our members.

1 - Now you can choose shipping address for your package by yourself.

2 - Address book is now available.

3 - You can now use International Parcel (Air/SAL).

4 - We have updated our Terms of Use.  


You can choose or add shipping address for your package by yourself!

Until now, if you wanted to change shipping address you had to ask us for it, now you can change it by yourself or add the new address to your address book. When you make shipping request, just pick the correct one clicking the box under "Please select your shipping address".

If you're putting a new address and you want to keep it, just click on the "Add to address book" confirmation box and the system will add this new shipping address to your Address book! 




New address book available! 

As you can see in your account page, we have introduced a new function "Adress Book" where you can save multiple shipping addresses, edit and remove address or add new ones! ( )



International Parcel (Air/SAL) is now available!!

In addition to the previously available EMS and Small Packet (Air/SAL), International Postal Parcel(Air/SAL) is now available!

When using International Postal Parcel(Air/SAL), please note that; 

A - To choose "Postal Parcel" when you make shipping request.

B -  There are some countries where Postal Parcel is not available.

Please check the information from the following URL to find if Postal Parcel is available for your destination;


We have updated our Terms of Use!  

We have made some changes in the Terms of Use, please check from the following URL;


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