Sylvanian Families FURNITURE!

Sat, Dec 19th 2015, 17:05:03
Few weeks ago we introduce you the SYLVANIAN FAMILIES one of the best known dollhouse sets ever. Created by the Japanese company Epoc in 1985, Sylvanian Families is a collectible line of dollhouses and animal figures. Although first Sylvanian Families were made of porcelain, nowadays they are made of other materials like plastic, metal and fake fur.  


In our previous post we introduce you a carefully selected list of our best deals on Sylvanian Families sets and figures, today we want to expand this selection with the SYLVANIAN FAMILIES FURNITURE sets! Since you always can add new figures, clothes and furniture to your basic set, due to this the play experience is extended and the imagination become the only limit, making Sylvanian Families the perfect kid toy or collector's collectable. 


If you still do not have a Sylvanian Families basic set don't miss our last post and let Sylvanian's become a part of your family with one of J-Subculture's Sylvanian Families sets! If you want to add a special touch or simply add some furniture or clothes to your Sylvanian Families collection, you can't miss this post!  

Check the SYLVANIAN FAMILIES EPOCH FURNITURE! This unique epoch furniture selection will add a special touch to your Sylvanian Families home, bathroom, washing accessories, even the double deck bed look more cozy with the epoch design :^)


In Sylvanian Families you always can add a new member to your family, with the figure + furniture sets, you'll get not just a new member but some furniture related to that character. 


Since you can change your Sylvanian Families there are a huge selection of different types of clothes and accessories your Sylvanian can wear, like the pajama, the dress up or hamburger shop uniform set! 


Don't miss the rest of our special selection and dress, equip or change the look to your Sylvanian Families member and home with J-Subcultures Silvanian Families FURNITURE! 

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