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Jun 20th, 12:26:03(JST)

Welcome to J-Subculture!!

Sat, Jun 2nd 2018, 15:52:11

You can purchase items from any Japanese online shops, using our services.

Our services are as follows.

- Proxy Shopping Service

- Proxy Auction Service

Proxy Shopping Service

For shopping, from stationery to toys, a great diversity of Japanese products is available.

For item s
earch service, we offer a wide variety of goods directly from Amazon JAPAN, Rakuten Global Market, Yahoo JAPAN Shopping or you can search all sites at once here!

When you find what you want, add your favorite items to your cart. Then, send your request to us and we will make a quotation for your request.

If you are satisfied, we buy the products directly from the shop here in Japan and ship them to you.

Proxy Auction Service

We also provide you
Yahoo Auction Japan Service which is largest and most popular auction service in Japan.

Over 30,000,000 auctions take place on Yahoo Japan every day, and over them are overseas bidders who win items valued at over $ 100 on bids of less than $ 1!

However, figuring out Yahoo Auction from overseas can be difficult. We act in your behalf to place bids exactly as you direct us, and have your items securely delivered straight to your door by the post office. Now you can enjoy Yahoo Auction just as if you lived in Japan!

Do you want to try it?

First of all, you need to register as our member.

No registration fee nor subscription fee required!

Do you know why Japanese agent is required for bidding on Yahoo Auction Japan?

There are many big hurdles involved in bidding on Japanese auctions from overseas.

- Japanese language ability

- Japanese bank account

- Mistaken orders

Basically, Japanese is the only language used in Yahoo! Auctions. Most of the sellers wouldn't ship their items to overseas. You need to have a Japanese bank account to pay for won items.

With our service, you bid items you like and leave everything to us until you receive them at home.

It’s too simple!

Why don't you try it?

Please go ahead to register as our member.

No registration fee nor subscription fee required!

What we offer are as follows.

- Bid on just one!

Bid on just one, or many items, from as low as 1 JPY to as high as you want!

- Best commission rate!

Our commission is one of lowest in Japan!


- Combined Shipping Possible!

Shipping together helps you save big. Available in every case from us to you, and in most cases, from the seller to us.

- Sniper Bids!

Optional sniper bids automatically trigger one-time ten minutes before closing, "sniping" your items and keeping bids down.

- Dedicated Chat/E-mail Support!

We're always standing ready to answer your every question in native English, German and Spanish. Some French is also supported for. Please let us know if you have any questions!


Using our service is very simple.

First, you will be provided with a deposit for your own user account. Once you put the money into your deposit, you will be able to use the deposited amount in bidding for an auction.

Generally, all auctions on Yahoo! Auction web site are conducted in Japanese. However, if you use our service, the entire process will be in English.

Isn’t it convenient for you?

Let's enjoy shopping with us!!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on your message board!


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Japanese swords


Electric guitars

Dragon Ball

Japanese dolls

Super famicom

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We offer customer support in English, German, Spanish, and Japanese! Some French also suppoerted.

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