Strawberry Prince (Sutopuri) - Your Utaite Music Boy Band Group!

Sun, Sep 13th 2020, 12:34:48
 Hey you all, have you heard of the super popular "Strawberry Prince"?

Sutopuri, as it is also called, is all the rage now in Japan. It's a 6 member utaite idol entertainment unit that’s specializing in activities like live web broadcasting and video sharing sites!

Strawberry Prince すとろべりーぷりんす (Sutopuri すとぷり)

Each one of the members has a unique personality, none is like the other!! They make quite some noisy (that's a complement (^_-)). Watch and listen what fun stuff the boys have distributed for us audience so far♪ Let's go over to the Member Introduction:

Nanamori (Puple)

Nanamori is the one who formed Sutopuri (StPri) and is like a mother-figure for the group. He is also the manager of the STPR record cooperation. Get to know him here:

Satomi (Pink)

Satomi is a live gamer, whereby he has been mainly covering live sessions on 'Identity V'. Also he is a righteous Ikebo! Ikebo is how we call someone with a cool male voice here in Japan (^_-)-☆ Hear and see for yourself:

Jel (Orange)

The strongest entertainer of them all!! Jel scripted single-handedly the original anime video 'Toui-Series' and nearly voiced everything by himself. Check him out here:

Colon (Aqua Blue)

Another live gamer of the group, Colon is primarily focusing on Mario Maker in his live streaming. His regular voice has kind a rough touch to it lol, but his singing voice is just gorgeous! Take a listen:

Root (Yellow)

Root is the singer songwriter of Sutopuri, often composing the song lyrics, setting and mixing the music for the group. Very diverse, Root is also an excellent gamer! Meet him here:

Riinu (Red)

He is active as a solo singer as well as an anime voice actor bow-wow lol. Small and cute, but his singing voice is impressive! Convince yourself:

All of the members are engaged in a variety of activities with posting videos of cover songs they tried out, so called 'utattemita', or uploading their original songs via broadcasting distributions sites like YouTube and TwitCasting!

Absolutely check out this unusual musical boy group band! These idol boys also have their own official online shop, so a must-see :)!

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