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Mon, Oct 19th 2020, 11:50:48
Pet Wear is not just Kawaii.... 

For many pet lovers, it would be more important to buy clothes for your pet than for yourself. Seasons change, your pet's needs change. Events come, your pet needs a costume for that. 

Just 20 years ago, a dog's lifespan would have been less than 10 years, however, many dogs nowadays are living longer and along with that, dogs are getting colder when they reach old age. Even dogs covered with a lot of hair both top-coats and under-coats such as Shiba Inu, Akita ken, Siberian Husky get colder and need clothing when they become older.

So clothing for your pet is not only for fashion or owners-satisfaction but also for a requirement physically. 

Japan is one of the many pet-loving societies we believe. Did you know that there is even the official certificate of a dog ware creator...this is because the Japanese are very good at sewing, maybe...? Once you obtain the certificate, you can organize a dog wear creator course at home or culture school. And the course conducts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. (Advanced course costs 72,000 JPY...!) Seems very expensive though, the course is very popular for Japanese pet lovers. 

For those who are not good at sewing, you might want to consider buying Japanese pet wear. There are many high-quality, developed-featured,  and sophisticated-design wears. The design and silhouette are as easy on your pets as possible for instance. You could find wear with windproof, waterproof, antibacterial, stretchy, breathable, and other functions to suit your lifestyle living with a pet. 

Marutaro  〜Japanese Shiba Inu〜

As other YouTubers or Instagramers do, there is an official good online named Marutaro Shop. Marutaro (Nickname: Maru) is Shiba Inu, and Marutaro's Instagram has about 2.6 million followers in the world! Maru is known as a very famous influencer in Japan and even made Hollywood debut in 2019. Maru's first film is "Pet2".  Maru's owner wants the followers to see Maru in Real-time, so he is very particular about not posting taken pictures before. So that you can see Real-time Maru as well as beautiful seasons in Japan.

If you want to see Real-time Maru, check the Instagram link below.

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