Heads up: make sure a hidden cost when you place a bid on "The 1 yen starting price" auctions

Wed, Dec 2nd 2020, 08:57:02

Bidding on and buying items listed on Yahoo! Auction have totally become a part of day to day shopping. However, have you ever thought there are some pitfalls.

The “1 yen starting price" auctions, the specialty of Yahoo! Auction, are often fraught with problems. At first glance it seems like a bargain and yes, this is a pitfall. You might end up paying a fortune for it even if you won a bid for just 1 yen… Here is a trick. The product you won hides outrageously high shipping cost. The price of the product is just 1 yen, but they charge way more than the price of the product as shipping cost. This kind of thing has no end in sight on Yahoo!Auction unfortunately. The shipping cost of the product that is sold for 1 yen turns into thousands of yen or even tens of thousands of yen... It’s such a nightmare, isn’t it?

So, what is the first thing you need to pay attention to when you want to place a bid?

You should consider the high possibility that the Yahoo!Auction starting price is definitely not going to end up at 1 yen. In other words, any products that ends up priced at 1 yen has something to hide. If you are not sure about a description on the auction page, PLEASE contact us through message board before placing a bid. So that we will confirm a shipping cost or some hidden costs for you! We are sorry to say but a few people have been caught in these kinds of auctions and end up paying expensive costs. This is because a cancellation is not available in Yahoo! Auction once you place a bid. Let us avoid to fall for the situation that “Why is the shipping cost is so high!” when the time comes to make a transaction.   

Be aware…. the bait hides the hook!

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