We're introducing new commissions and other fees for our services

Fri, Feb 10th 2017, 16:27:41

Dear Customer, 

Thank you for always using our services. 

We're introducing new commissions and other fees for our services from 10:00am on 4 March, Japan time. 

Main changes are as follows.

<<Proxy Shopping Service>>

Commission will be changed: 350JPY+8% to 100JPY per order.


<<Proxy Auction Service>>


Free commission campaign ends as of 9:59am on 4 March, Japan time.

Commission will be 100JPY per auction. 

-Max bid price

It will be 50,000JPY, unless you choose "Business Plan".

No limit for "Business Plan" that we're newly introducing.

-Handling Fee (Bank Fee)

Handling Fee (Bank Fee) will be 250JPY per transaction. 

<<Business Plan>>

There's neither registration fee nor subscription fee. Simply let us know you're going for the Business Plan.

With Business Plan, you need to add your deposit via wire transfer. There're things that are only available to Business Plan. Details will follow in new press release later.

-Wire transfer

You'll save transaction fees considerably by changing the method of adding deposit from PayPal to wire transfer. You'll be able to send us your fund in USD, EUR or GBP. 

You're currently paying PayPal transaction fee of 3.9%+40JPY and PayPal exchange rate of about 4%, and you can reduce these fees considerably.

*PayPal payment will be available for customers with standard plan.


<<Other Changes>>

-Photo: 150JPY per picture/angle.

-Shop at a real shop: 

If you wish us to go and purchase at a real shop, we could do that for 4,000JPY + transport fee.

-Free safekeeping limit will be max 45 days.

From day 46, 100JPY will be charged per day.

We'd recommend that you make shipping request for items that have been kept for a while.

Items that are kept more than 60 days will be shipped out without notice by deducting the shipping fee from your deposit. If there's no deposit, these items would be discarded without notice.

We're planning a website renewal in June, 2017.

J-Subculture will be more user friendly site. You'll be able to access our site from smart phones and tablets. 

With these new rates and services, we strongly believe we can improve the quality of our service for you.

We hope you keep enjoying our service.





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