Kuretake Zig Letter CocoIro Pen!

Jul 8th, 22:58:53(JST)

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Kuretake Zig Letter CocoIro Pen...

Kuretake, founded in 1902, focuses on sumi-e inks for traditional brush calligraphy, pens and brush pens. Nowadays this modern Japanese company continues producing traditional ink. Their brush pens br...

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Tombow Mono Zero Eraser!

It´s not the first time we talk about Japan´s favorite eraser, Tombow´s Mono eraser, we already introduced you the fantastic Tombow Mono One eraser, a extremely compact, convenient a...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 04/08 10:40:17
My Neighbor Totoro Plush Dolls!

My Neighbor Totoro is one of the best known Japanese animation movies of all time, and probably the best movie from its animation studio, Ghibli Studio. For most of us My Neighbor Totoro was our first...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 04/06 11:03:35
Apica Premium C.D. Notebooks

 Apica CO., Ltd has produced high quality notebooks they like to call, Apica Premium C.D. Notebooks. The C.D. stands for "classical design." Apica has reached all the marks that meet th...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 03/24 14:39:49
Wonders of Soy Milk

You'd be surprised to know the benefits of soy milk for your skin. The Japanese embrace the use of soy in their beauty products because it's natural and does wonders for the skin. Today we at J-Subcul...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 03/23 16:23:32
Lucky Star!

  らきすた or Lucky Star is the name of a Japanese manga, anime, and video game series. The manga was written by Kagami Yoshimizu. It was published in Kadokawa Shoten's Comptiq magazine since 2003 as...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 03/23 12:27:12
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica!

Founded in 1918, Pilot Pen Corporation is the largest pen manufacturer in Japan, for the general consumer market, some of Pilot's famed product lines include Hi-Tec-C gel ink pens. We w...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 03/22 13:01:39
Rosette Cleansing "Pasta"

  Have you tried the Rosette Cleansing "Pasta" series yet? These marvelous facial cleansers will make your skin dewy and luminous. Rosette is a Japanese company that specializes in faci...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 03/21 16:23:32
Combat Chopsticks!

Japan is a country filled to the brim with avid chopstick users. People acquire the skill to use chopsticks from an early age. Since chopsticks are a big part of Japanese food culture, you can find th...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 03/21 13:42:32
Pokemon Moncolle - Mega Evoluti...

We've got some special news for all your Pokemon fans out there! Next month, the Japanese toy company Takara Tomy will be releasing three awesome editions of Pokemon Moncolle: Shiny Mega Gengar, Shiny...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 03/20 16:30:11
Pilot Frixion Color Pens!

One of the top products sold at J-Subculture would be stationery supplies. And why not? Japan has the hottest new stationery, that are both trendy and functionable! Brilliant ideas for stationery come...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 03/19 11:42:38

 For products, scroll down to the bottom ↓   As the name COTTON LABO implies, the Japanese company has dedicated its business to the sole manufacturing of goods made of this fluff...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 03/13 17:43:11
Japanese Leg Aesthetics

There's a craze among modern Japanese women on leg aesthetics. Many Japanese women desire their legs to look long and slender. They aim for something called 美脚 (bikyaku) in Japanese, which refers to b...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 03/13 13:14:39
Mandom - GATSBY

 Mandom's product line, GATSBY, provides a wide selection of grooming products specifically for men. GATSBY products provide total support for men who want to and heighten/improve their hair...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 03/12 15:29:45
Pokemon Plush Doll Collection!

Takara Tomy is a well known Japanese Toy manufacturer created from the merge of Takara and Tomy. This company´s toys are easy to find in Japan´s toy shops, some of the best known franchise...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 03/12 11:31:44
Benefits of Collagen Masks

What is collagen? Collagen is the most common protein that is produced in the human body. Collagen has various roles to benefit the body, but the most visible role is its power over our skin. Collagen...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 03/08 11:17:27
TOUKEN RANBU - Breath Life into...

 For products, scroll down to the bottom ↓ Who would have thought?! The Japanese discover their renowned swords again. In particular younger generations get hooked to the ancient weapo...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 03/07 15:45:45
Shiseido - Tsubaki

 椿 (tsubaki) refers to Japonica Camellia, known more commonly as Japanese camellia. This gorgeous flower usually blooms between January and March. Its petals can range from red to pink to wh...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 03/05 17:02:21
Hario V60 Drippers!

Hario Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company that manufactures professional and household coffee equipment. This company specializes in the manufacture of heat-resistant glass products fo...

[shop.j-subculture.com] 03/03 19:05:54
Instant Noodles!

Instant and cup noodles are a well known Asian and Japanese food. In fact instant noodles were invented by Mr Momofuku Ando which is probably one of the most important persons in Japan´s mo...

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