Gundam Markers

Sun, Aug 30th 2015, 12:58:19

The most popular way to make your Gundam look its best is to paint its detail lines.The popular consensus is that you should line with a color and darkness relating to the plastic you're working on. For example, when lining on white use a light gray. For medium colors try a darker gray, and on dark or somethings vibrant colors use a black. If you're lining with paint try to mix in portions of the base color for a subtle effect. Remember to try different things and go with what you think looks best!!

There are 2 types of Gundam marker for painting and ink drawing and 4 types for weathering. Gundam Marker for painting, The marker for painting uses good color smooth alcohol type paint. Gundam Marker for ink Drawing (Ultra Thin), The ink drawing markers are oil-based markers with an ultra thin pen point, which is used for painting engraved parts. Gundam Marker for ink drawing (Wipe off type) The ink drawing brush marker is most suitable for painting even finer engraved parts. Gundam Marker for weathering, This is a water-based marker, so you can weather the parts without affecting the base. Gundam Marker for erasure, y rubbing over the area run off, excess paint is dissolved and cleared.

We picked out a variety of Gundam markers so your Gundam will look grate and colorful!



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