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Tue, Feb 21st 2017, 15:11:15

Japanese make up, cosmetics, and fashion has its own set of ideals. One key point of Japanese make up application is to increase the size of one's eyes. In Japan, having a pair of large eyes with double eyelids gives off a beautiful, radiant appearance. That is why there are tons of beauty products out there that aid to increase the size of one's eyes. There are many ways you can achieve larger eyes by using cosmetics. Some people draw deep, black lines using eyeliner to trace the eyes and bring out their color. Other people apply false eyelashes to help make the eyes look like they expand with each blink. Besides these methods, there is also "Eye Putti Tape." What is Eye Putti Tape? Eye Putti Tape is a type of cosmetic tape you apply to your eyelids to create a crease, which makes the eyelids transform into double eyelids. Through this, you can achieve double eyelids that beautify the eyes. Even famous Japanese models are using eye putti tape! However, with the sea of products to choose from, it's a hassle to select which product is right for you. That is why here at J-Subculture, we'd like to introduce a series of eye putti tape that makes natural double eyelids with ease: Prud'or Natural Double Eyelid Tape!

There are many kinds of eye putti tape you can choose from to obtain the kind of double eyelid you're aiming for. By using these sets of eye putti tape, you can create double eyelids that give off a natural, sweet impression. It'd be awful to use eye putti tape just for everyone to point out that you're obviously using them. That is why these eye putti tapes are perfect for you. They're never over the top, easy to apply, and always fit naturally with your eyes. 

The best part about these sets of eye putti tapes is that they all work great with make up! Often times with other brands of eye putti tape, the effect of the tape is lowered with the application of make up, or they come off easily when applying other cosmetics. However, if anything, these eye putti tapes enhance the appearance of your eyes even greater with the use of other cosmetics. Try eyeliner and eyeshadow, or even false eyelashes to complete your look! You'll never have to worry about the appearance of your eyes ever again.


This brand of eye putti tape works well with everyone. It doesn't matter whether you have mono/single eyelids or double eyelids. They work to increase the size of your eyes, in the most natural way possible. Why not try out this popular Japanese trend? Scroll down for the eye putti tape we have here at J-Subculture!

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