Have the Eyes of a Heroine!

Tue, Mar 7th 2017, 11:47:41

Who longs to be the beautiful woman, the striking princess that steals the show in all the famous books and movies? Having lovely, breathtaking eyes isn't limited to heroines in fairytales. You can become your own heroine and have stunning eyes thanks to Heroine Cosmetics! This Japanese brand of cosmetics is overwhelmingly popular. With these cosmetics, you can keep up your beauty 24/7 for reasonable prices! Here at J-Subculture, we'll introduce you to some of their mascaras, false eyelashes, and more!

The image character of Heroine Cosmetics is the pretty Elizabeth Himeko (the kind of princess you'd find in retro Japanese manga and anime). She comes from the land of beauty, and wishes earnestly for everyone to feel and look beautiful. To grant this wish, there are a variety of Heroine Cosmetics to try! For example, false eyelashes (called つけまつげ tsukematsuge in Japanese) are essential, easy to apply items that enlarge the size of your eyes. They increase the length and quantity of your eyelashes, giving your eyes a dolly look. Combine false eyelashes with mascara, and you'll have gorgeous eyes all day long!

The line of mascaras of Heroine Cosmetics are fit for princesses and queens. They're super waterproof, so your lashes will stay long and curled if you happen to cry or get caught in a storm. Some mascaras are so strong and reliable that you won't have to fret about water, dirt, and sweat that may ruin your eyelashes. Other mascaras are so light that it feels like you aren't wearing make up at all. 

If you're one of those lovely ladies out there who would like to bring out the heroine in you, try out these amazing eye cosmetics products here at J-Subculture! Just scroll down for products perfect for you!

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