Pastel Highlighters - MILDLINER

Fri, Feb 24th 2017, 14:26:19


Gentle Strokes, Pastel Colors

MILDLINER is the name of a series of lightly colored highlighters produced by the stationery company Zebra. These highlighters come in a total of 15 different colors, separated by their color type. Through these highlighters, you can not only highlight the text you need to make catch the eyes, but also use them for artsy purposes, such as drawing in your notebooks.

What makes MILDLINER stand out from all the rest of the highlighters avaliable in the stationery market is their pastel hues. They are separated into three color types: pastel-pale, cool-calm, and soft-mild. Since all of their highlighters don't "scream" at you through their brightness (unlike other highlighters out there), they are very popular. Who would want to use highlighters that make our eyes hurt? You can be creative with these mild colors. Decorate your pages and turn them into works of art.

These pretty, pastel highlighters come singularly and in packs of threes and fives. MILDLINER highlighters come with tips on both sides of the highlighter. This allows you to highlight and draw thin lines. At J-Subculture, we have these special highlighters for purchase and up on auction. 

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