Midori D-CLIPS

Fri, Feb 19th 2016, 18:44:09

Japanese stationery is unique, special and crazy, you never know what you´re going to find when you go to a Japanese stationery shop, you don´t even need to spend a lot of money to get something peculiar, the Japanese 100 yen shops are full of original stationery goods like tapes, stickers, notepads, letters & envelopes. Japanese stationery companies have the capacity to take those well known stationery goods, and transform them without modifying their usability. They´re capable to create ordinary stationery goods which seem to be totally new by just adding little modifications to the key idea, developing brand-new products that everyone know how to use. 

Midori is one of those Japanese stationery bands who focus their developments efforts towards this idea, taking something that everyone knows and making something special. Products like "Traveler´s Company" or their Midori Brass line, are a perfect example of the efforts of this company to develop new products that keeps the essence but feels totally different, and their Midori D-CLIPS paper clips are one of those stationery goods. 

Midori D-CLIPS are animal shaped paper clips made with high quality materials and they´re adorable! Each box includes 30 re-usable paper clips, and no mater which is your Chinese zodiac or favorite animal, you´ll find a Midori D-CLIP for you. They´re so sweet you´ll want to give one to every one of your friends! 

In addition, these Midori D-CLIPS are stronger and more solid than the traditional paper clips, you´ll be able to use them again and again, put a smile in your clients face by giving them their documents with a squirrel paper clip on them! Be the envy of your classmates or coworkers with this awesome paper clips, you´ll love them! 

Planes, Bicycles, Cars, Bikes, Plants and all kind of Animals, the Midori D-CLIP paper clips are the perfect solution if you´re looking for special stationery goods, something not just different, unique, cute and funny but meticulously designed to the last detail, strong and durable. So check our entire list and give to your office that special touch with J-Subculture and Midori D-CLIPS, the more designs you collect, the more fun you have!

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