Instant Noodles!

Wed, Mar 2nd 2016, 10:42:11

Instant and cup noodles are a well known Asian and Japanese food. In fact instant noodles were invented by Mr Momofuku Ando which is probably one of the most important persons in Japan´s modern history. His company´s name is known around the world and the first one to produce instant noodles, Nissin Foods. This company´s main product, the well known "Cup Noodle" it is sold throughout the world. 

According to a poll made in Japan on year 2000, the Japanese people believe that their best invention of the twentieth century was instant noodles. In fact Japanese people ate 5.3 billion of instant noodle servings in year 2010. Japanese people is crazy about instant noodle, it´s an extremely convenient food, fast, clean and tasty! There are hundreds of different brands and flavors to choose from, Japanese supermarkets and conbini stores are full of this cheap and easy to make convenient food! 

Today we bring you a carefully selected list of our best instant and cup noodles, and all the accessories you need to eat and enjoy this tasty food. Our first cup noodle is from a Japanese brand called Kinchan Noodle, we bring you a 12 cup pack, once you order and get this famous cup noodles you´ll be just 3 min far away from its tasty flavor! 

Acecook is another well known Japanese instant noodle brand, this time we bring you its Harusame soup with cellophane instant noodles in 5 different tastes, Szechuan Sesame, Wonton, Beaten Egg, Yuzu-ponzu and Seaweed!


Some people says that instant noodles are just snacks and not a proper meal, but Nissin and Maruchan challenged this stereotype with its Raoh and Seimen ramen noodles. This high quality ramen´s noodles are not fried but dried which brings you the real Japanese restaurant ramen taste, in fact this two instant ramens are the first two top instant ramen in Japan. 

When it comes to instant ramen, nothing beat chicken ramen and if it is made by NISSIN the result is the first instant ramen of Japan! 

Almost every instant cup noodle needs to be prepared the same way, just pour hot water, close the cup and wait 3 minutes, that´s all, there are some funny and convenient systems to control the time your cup noodles need to be cooked. The TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE LID HOLDER, will hold your cup noodle lid, in addition when the holder turns white your noodles will be ready to eat! If you want something cuter, take a look to the CHICK LID HOLDER with 3 min sand clock! 



But not all the instant noodles we bring you today comes in a cup! that´s why we bring you a selection of bowls, in addition to some disposable chopsticks and the indispensable and characteristic Japanese style ramen spoon!  



Take a look to the whole list we bring you today and don´t hesitate to order some Japanese instant noodles, quick and tasty!  

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