Combat Chopsticks!

Mon, Mar 21st 2016, 13:42:32

Japan is a country filled to the brim with avid chopstick users. People acquire the skill to use chopsticks from an early age. Since chopsticks are a big part of Japanese food culture, you can find them in all sorts of designs in Japan. We at J-Subculture like to keep tabs on the assorted designs of chopsticks and today we'd like to talk about combat chopsticks! It's about time you've ditched the drab, wooden ones, isn't it?

Man, do I know the struggle...

 So combat chopsticks--what are they? That's just a name we like to call these kinds of chopsticks. We're referring to cool chopsticks that are designed to look like weapons you use in combat, whether if it's on land, or in space. Now it sounds like we're just speaking gibberish now doesn't it? Well, take a look for yourself!

 We'd like to introduce to you STAR WARS CHOPSTICKS! Are you a fan of Star Wars? Then you must be familiar with light sabers. Have you ever held one in your hands? Well how about light saber chopsticks? We've got light saber chopsticks of Darth Vader, Yoda, Luke Skywalker, and more!

 We even have chopsticks that light up, just like an actual light saber! Now you'll have no trouble having some sushi in the dark.


Admit it...this is just too awesome.

 Then we have NARUTO CHOPSTICKS. These chopsticks resemble the weapons of Naruto characters. There are three in total: Sasuke Uchida Chopsticks, Naruto Uzumaki Chopsticks, and Minato Namikaze Chopsticks. You can feast on bowls of ramen using these ninja chopsticks. And if you're suddenly in need to battle? You'll be ready.

We've also got TOUKEN RANBU CHOPSTICKS! These chopsticks resemble famous swords from Touken Ranbu. Having Kashuu Kiyomitsu, Mikazuki Munechika, and Yamatonokami Yasusada chopsticks would be sooo cool! You can always feel like you're in an ancient Japanese historical drama through these! (If you're unfamiliar with Touken Ranbu, it's an online video game that was released in Japan just last year.) 


How can you call yourself a warrior without looking the part? Having these combat chopsticks at hand will mark you as a top notch warrior. You'll never have to worry about anyone ambushing you while you're eating when you've got these weapon-like chopsticks.

 Release the inner warrior in you with these flippin' fantastic chopsticks!

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