Deleter Manga Starter Kits!

Mon, Jul 4th 2016, 21:33:07

We are always looking for the best options for the creative people out there, specially for artists and manga drawers! And here we have the most amazing starter pack you would ever dream because with this Deleter item you will be able to start your drawer career!


These incredible kits are perfect for beginners. Some of these kits include a brochure explaining how to do book making, 4 sheets of drawing paper, 6 sheets of A4 grid paper, Deleter Jr Screentone, Tone Hera, Neopiko Line3, 0.05mm, Neopiko color Black, cutting knife and Manga Technique book vol.5 (in English).


This is a great set to have or give to an aspiring artist! The standard version tool kit with all the tools and material for the beginner to learn and develop the process of drawing comics. Easy-to-understand lectures on everything from how to draw manga to copy books!



It's a super great tool. As long as you use this starter pack, you will be able to make your own manga designs! You will be delighted with the results! It comes with all of the basic tools you would need to start your own manga: rotating cutter, tones, manga lined paper, white and black ink, pens, etc. Is the best starter set for anyone!

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