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Furikake is a Japanese topping which usually is a mixture of dried tuna, sesame seeds, salt, sliced or seasoned seaweed, etc. Furikake is mainly used to sprinkle over steamed rice and noodles, but it is also used for salads, soups, pasta and sushi rolls.


Here it goes a brief history… Around 1912, a pharmacist called Mr. Suekichi Yoshimaru of Futaba, came up with the idea to make a product with ground fish bones to compensate for a lack of calcium in the Japanese diet. Small fish were dried, ground, seasoned, then mixed with sesame seeds, poppy seeds and Aonoriko (seaweed) to cover up the fish flavor (So the people who don't like fish can enjoy it too). Then, the mixture was bottled for sale.


Furikake was born. This perfect and original condiment is generally sprinkled over cooked white rice or Japanese rice balls called Onigiri, but not limited to these things but it will add great taste to whatever you add it to, whether it’s rice, fish, or stir-fry.


Here it is a superb collection of Furikake flavors to make this seasoning a must have for Japanese food fanatics! It’s a unique seasoning, and will be as versatile as your imagination. So... let your inside cook decide... and surprise your family and friends with delicious and original recipes full of flavor!!

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