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Sun, Jan 8th 2017, 11:54:43


It's the beginning of the new year, which means that NOW the perfect time to put your best face forward. Why not switch things up with a new look? By using a new eyeshadow palette, you can achieve an appearance of allure and charm that you've never experienced before with what you normally use. CANMAKE Perfect Eyeshadow series offers various kinds of eyeshadows that come in pretty hues and convenient designs. Bring out the beauty in your eyes through these "too good to be true" eyeshadow palattes!

Today at J-Subculture, we are proud to introduce you to three sets of eyeshadow palettes from the CANMAKE Perfect Eyeshadow series: CANMAKE Perfect Stylist Eyes, CANMAKE Perfect Multi Eyes, and CANMAKE Perfect Brown Eyes:

CANMAKE Perfect Stylist Eyes -

Each eyeshadow palette contains five different kinds of eyeshadow for you to enjoy! Through combinations of these eyeshadows, you can create a large array of looks, from natural to glamorous! The eyeshadow powder lasts long on the skin and has a soft feel, so you won't be burdening your eyes. With easy to use shades, you can create looks no one else can! Be creative and add color to your eyes. Don't forget the glitter to make your eyes truly shine!

CANMAKE Perfect Multi Eyes -

Each eyeshadow palette contains five different kinds of eyeshadow in similar shades for smooth application! You can achieve the best natural look. Without being over the top, these chic and calm hues will enhance the size and appearance of your eyes. They come without glitter, so you can apply them to your eyebrows too. They're the secret weapon you can use to create a flawless, dewy look at places like the office, meetings, and school.

CANMAKE Perfect Brown Eyes -

Each eyeshadow palette contains four different kinds of eyeshadow with cream bases to help you create striking looks! With such bases, the colors of the eyeshadows last longer and blends into the skin to make your eyes truly pop! They're great for producing a gradation effect. By combining these shades, you can make your eyes look great for any occasion. 

We've included ways you can use CANMAKE Perfect Eyeshadows below:

At J-Subculture, we have many of these beautiful eyeshadows in stock and up for auction, so if you're interested in these make up jewels, simply scroll down below! Bring out your inner kawaii today with the perfect eyeshadow for you. 

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