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Sat, Jul 18th 2015, 12:47:36

You behold a beautiful scenery that leaves deep impressions, sit in a coffee shop to unwhide from a busy sightseeing tour through the city or a philosophic moment comes to as you wait at a remote railway station, with MIDORI's Travel's Notebook series you may capture the essence of the those very moments and make it an unforgettable memory.

The notebooks come in two, brown and black, respective three colors, the 2015 limited blue edition, and two size formats, regular and passport. The starter kits include the following items:

- 1x leather cover

- 1x cotton bag

- 1x unlined notebook

- 1x rubber band

These notebooks are no ordinary ones. They are durable and high quality items that will render very handy on any journey or even in your daily life - some might say, your life is a journey all along. What could be therefore more useful than a booklet like this, which you can carry everywhere you go to capture special moments or striking ideas. With many more accessories supplied by MIDORI (see below list), it has also the nice trait of being customizable to your own preferences, making it a truly personal notebook. Should you reach the point in life, when travelling is no longer possible, it will bring back many memories when paging through it again or when showing it to the next generations.

We could go on and on about these products, however, we hope with this brief introduction that we could stir a bit of your wanderlust. We are sure this will become a reliable and unique travel buddy to you. Happy travelling.


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