Take Focus - CAMERA LENSES of Japanese Top Brands through Auction

Sun, Feb 21st 2016, 14:56:05

Why to choose our dedicated auction services: 

- Value for money! New and used items in immaculate condition at great prices - no commision on top

- Inexhaustible choice! Access to everything the Japanese market has to offer on lenses - also rare items

- Convenient! Userfriendly interface for navigation and communication

- Customized shipping options! Get the best out of your deals

- Multi-language support! Seasoned client service team and translation tools at your disposal


NIKON, PANASONIC, SONY, FUJIFILM, CANON, PENTAX, CASIO, OLYMPUS...and many more you could easily add to this list of well-known Japanese photo camera brands. In the photo industry Japanese companies are firmly establish, making up a big portion of the market. Most of those firms began to manufacture many decades ago, some already well over a century. The cameras and accessories are valued for their precision, quality and reliability by professionals and hobbyists of the trait alike.

The Japanese people have always been known to be enthusiastic photographers, either carrying the latest of devices with them or bringing a long cherished, well-kept utensil to take their beloved photos. You will notice this easily, when a gaggle of Japanese tourists is going through town, taking arduously pictures of the surroundings. They also tend their equipment with great care and respect that is why many used cameras that are in circulation for sales look still like brand new. In addition to the characteristics of Japanese brands in the first paragraph, this is another aspect, why it is attractive to source items from Japan - you can be assured the product will be in flawless condition!

In our AUCTION section, we offer you a sheer endless access to new, as well as used products like lenses, but also other camera related products. Auctioning with us is COMMISSION FREE and we take care on all the bidding on behalf of customers. Shipments may be COMBINED and CUSTOMIZED to meet any needs. Please take a look at our various services without commitment. For any questions, please feel free to contact our devoted team. We will be happy to assist and to provide you the best of our customer service. 

The auction agent service is not only aimed at individuals, we always also look out for BUSINESS PARTNERS. We think this could be an attractive solution and an alternative to your existing supply channels. If desired, we also do drop shipping to ease distribution and to serve your clientele without you having to lift a finger - except for clicking the mouse when placing your bids. We are positive that our parties could benefit through a cooperation of our businesses. Our intentions are genuine and directed long term. Please let us know, when you are interested. 

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CANON (Auto Focus)

NIKON (Auto Focus)

PENTAX (Auto Focus)

SONY, MINOLTA (Auto Focus)

OLYMPUS (Auto Focus)

PANASONIC (Auto Focus)


OTHER (Auto Focus)

CANON (Manual Focus)

NIKON (Manual Focus)

PENTAX (Manual Focus)

MINOLTA (Manual Focus)

OLYMPUS (Manual Focus)

YASHICA, CONTAX (Manual Focus)

LEICA (Manual Focus)

MAMIYA (Manual Focus)

OTHER (Manual Focus)

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