Pilot fountain pen Prera, for the colorful!

Mon, Aug 24th 2015, 18:35:25

Imagine a fountain pen in a variety of lush colors! This is what the Pilot Prera Fountain Pen FPR-3SR exactly is, a fresh modern design incorporating traditional Pilot build quality fountain pen. The Pilot Prera has a clean and simple look and writes luxuriously. 

The Pilot Prera is a relatively compact and lightweight design in high-quality fountain pen with a brightly colored resin body, has a chrome trim, a pocket clip and a cap that closes with a satisfying "click". Weighs 0.6 oz (17grams) including cartridge and comes in 9 elegant colors; lime green, royal blue, soft blue, ivory, slate gray, vivid pink, yellow, white and brown.

The excellent stainless-steel nib is stamped 'Pilot Super Quality Japan', available with medium or fine nibs. The Pilot Prera Fountain Pen is an excellent little pen for a great price. The smooth-writing fine nib is made from a special alloy and produces approximately the equivalent line size as a European extra-fine nib. And of course, this fine tipped nib is delightfully thin enough that you can use it for every day writing. It writes and draws with a fine line (approx. 03) and is steady in the hand, its light weight makes it a non-stop colorful writer. 

Compatible with Pilot ink cartridges or Pilot CON-20 or CON-50 converter (sold separately), comes with one ink cartridge. Conveniently refills with ink cartridges (black, blue, and blue black, green, purple, and red color cartridges available), so no more messy hands! 

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