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Wed, Sep 16th 2015, 09:29:07
Recently we took a look to Nintendo's SNES, one of the greatest video consoles of all times. If Nintendo started defining the video games with the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System (AKA Famicom) first, and SNES later, Sony's PlayStation begins the revolution of the modern video games era and changes the world.  

But few people knows that the story behind Sony's PlayStation is a betrayal and revenge tale. It's a well known fact that back in the early 90s Japan, and almost all the gamers all over the world, was divided in two, there was a war between the two biggest video games companies of Japan, the choice, Nintendo or Sega. After Nintendo's greatest hit the SNES, Sega came out with the SEGA CD, a cd accessory for Sega's Sega Genesis, was in this moment when Nintendo came to Sony searching for a partner to develop a new console able to face the threat of Sega's Sega CD.

The first idea was to develop a add-on cd player for the super Nintendo, the name? PlayStation. In this point
 Ken Kutaragi was sended by Sony to team up with the people of Nintendo, Ken Kutaragi Sony's PlayStation father was a Sony engineer that already wanted Sony to develop a video console, but when he explained his ideas to Sony's director, he got a straight response, "we are not a toy company and we're not gonna get in this business", anyway, the scenario was different this time.

The problem was that Nintendo begin to have second thoughts, in this deal, Nintendo's rights over Sony's CD technology was zero and this suppose to say goodbye to a huge profit, despite the deal with Sony was going on, Nintendo went to Phillips and ask them to start working in something for them. Was in 1991 CES when Ken Kutaragi and Nintendo announced the Nintendo PlayStation but in this point Nintendo reveal their intentions to work with Philips in the CD technology. This was understood as a total betrayal for Sony, this time when Ken Kutaragi went back to his bosses and propose to develop a game system, not just a CD-Rom but a whole system, he received another straight but totally different response, two simple words who change the world forever, do it!

You know the rest of the story, due to this betrayal Nintendo's SNES-CD never came out and Sony released their own game system known as PlayStation, the game system who changes the world forever. The original PlayStation was a huge success, 102.49 million sold all over the world, today we bring you the chance to remember dose days with a unique selection of the japanese games who send the original PlayStation to the olympus of the console games, as you may know this games works only in japanese consoles so you'll find a list of the best japanese PlayStation console deals that we find just for you, do it!     

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