Folding Fans - Sensu

Sun, Feb 14th 2016, 16:29:11

 Japanese folding fans are called Sensu in Japanese. They were invented in the early period of the Heian Era in Japan. Around that time, fans were very popular and were a symbol of one's social status. Sensu were originally handmade using washi, which is Japanese paper, on a frame made of bamboo. Nowadays, sensu are mostly used as a way to keep oneself cool during the summertime, or as a Japanese fashion accessory. Sensu come in a variety of elegant and gorgeous designs. In modern Japanese society, both women and men use these folding fans, especially in the summer. A long, detailed process takes place to produce these high quality fans. The bamboo frame and paper are crafted separately. After the two parts are made, they're carefully put together. Genuine sensu can take quite some time to be made, but the outcome makes the time spent worth it. 


Traditional sensu come in designs of beautiful nature, such as cherry blossoms, Mt. Fuji, and ocean waves. There are also simpler designs that come in a single color or two. Sensu is a part of Japanese culture forever. Show your love for Japan by having your own folding fan!

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