Nintendo Game Boy, 90s pop culture!

Fri, Oct 9th 2015, 17:28:55
Is a fact that this big gray buddy and his little brothers are one of the most iconic signs of the 90s pop culture, not just one of the biggest success of the big N japanese company but a electronic device that brings us back to our childhood. The Game Boy brings us the first real portable with a bunch of fantastic games, the Game Boy Pocket make the system thinner so we could carry our best friend always with us and the Game Boy Color offered us all dose fantastic color games in a screen capable of showing up to 56 different colors simultaneously. 


We enjoied it so much that nowadays you still be able to find it in second hand shops or auction sites, today we bring you a unique list of titles and consoles that, if you're interested, we will send to you directly from Japan, a Japanese genuine Game Boy from Japan, cool right?


But let's talk a little bit about this unique time capsule that the Game Boy is. Some of the greatest games of all times was made for this system, hits like Super Mario Land, Metal Gear Solid Ghost Babel, Mega Man 5, Mario Land 2, Tetris or the well known and super famous Pokemon red, blue, green and yellow version. 

Despite games like Tetris or Super Mario Land are classics, Pokemon red, blue, green and yellow became classic with the time, one of the first pokemon franchise video games, you was able to, for the very first time, try to gotta catch'em all! In my personal case I still can remember the first time I play this game and the goosebumps when I catch my first pokemon.   


Some subcultures use modificated GameBoys to make music, is what is called 8-bit music or chiptunes. A specially modificated Game Boys with a specific cartridge make possible to write music and to perform with a Game Boy, there are even live shows of chiptune bands!

We will write more about the chiptunes music and how you can make music with some of the 80s and 90s consoles but for the moment, here you have the list we promise your, check it !

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