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Mon, Aug 8th 2016, 15:24:11


What is summer without a Japanese tenugui? Tenugui is written in Japanese as, 「手拭い」or 「手ぬぐい」。The kanji characters for this word is 「手」which means "hand" and 「拭い」which means "to wipe." Tenugui, in a broad sense, are basically Japanese hand towels. However, they go beyond this translation, and hold deeper purposes. Ready to explore the wabisabi of Japanese tenugui?


The usage of Tenugui can be traced back to the Nara period of Japan, used by wealthy people of high ranks. Tenugui were very precious, staple items at that time due to its usefulness and simple yet beautiful designs, as well as how long it took to make them. Then, they became commonly used during the Edo period, and are still treasured today. They are woven plainly, and can be divided by their coarseness and design. The patterns they come in vary immensely, and there are even stores in Japan that specially craft Tenugui.

 Now, why are Tenugui especially popular in the summer time? In the heat of summer in Japan, we tend to sweat excessively, growing weary during the day. So, in order to keep ourselves cool, we wet a handy Tenugui, wring it out and pat our hot faces and necks. We also place them atop our heads, making us considerably cooler instantly. Thanks to their creative designs and lightness of the fabric, Tenugui are quite easy to have at hand, and are sometimes considered as fashion items. Besides keeping us cool, there are many other ways to use Tenugui effeciently. Here are some examples:

There are other ways to use Tenugui besides the examples listen above. Can you find a new way to use a Tenugui? These Japanese traditional hand towels are also eco-friendly, which makes them even better. The hemless cloths are easy to dry and wring out, perfect for multiple use. In this modern world, why not have a timeless Tenugui? Scroll down below for J-Subculture's Tenugui up for auction! You won't regret it.

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