Sleepy & Squishy Body Pillows!

Wed, Mar 1st 2017, 14:56:19 careful not to wake these adorable, squishy animals...

Today at J-Subculture, we'd like to introduce you to a series of absolutely soft body pillows! They're from the Premium Nemunemu Body Pillow line! "Nemunemu" in Japanese can be translated to a cute way of saying "sleepy." These body pillows are the perfect cuddling partner! You'll be able to sleep soundly and have the sweetest dreams.

There are many kinds of body pillows that belong to the animals series. The most popular are the white polar bears. However, there are also pandas, penguins, whales, and so many more creatures that will make your heart melt! They come in a variety of sizes too! The largest is so huge. It measures to roughly half the size of you! The smallest is about the size of your hand. All of them are super cute. You can cuddle with these body pillows, or even use them as pillows for your head when you sleep. Wouldn't that be so comfortable?

What makes these pillows "premium" is their design. All of these sweet pillows soothe our hearts and feel like marshmallows! Imagine sleeping as soundly as these cuties won't be able to get outta bed anymore with these sweethearts.

You can bid for these adorable body pillows here, at J-Subculture's auction site. Just scroll below for the body pillows avaliable, and take it easy!

Premium Body Pillows On Auction

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