Kanzashi - Traditional Japanese Hair Ornaments

Sun, Apr 16th 2017, 15:48:32

The tradition of wearing kanzashi has been passed down generations since ancient Japan. Since then, the style of kanzashi have changed over time, from timeless designs to modernized ones. 

Here you may wonder, what is Japanese kanzashi?

Kanzashi are beautifully designed and intricately crafted works of art. They are said to have evolved from the idea of having singular sticks in one's hair to ward off spirits in the past. With the flow of time, Japanese hair styles have changed into works of arts themselves. As a woman's hair was responsible for her beauty, it was quite important to have hair adorned with only the finest decorations. Combs with painted flowers, long and dangling strings with bells, and of course, the kanzashi, played a performance that brought out the beauty from within a women. Now, kanzashi are worn on traditionally observed holidays in Japan, such as Coming of Age Day. There are also kanzashi avaliable for daily wear. They add color and a classy feel to any outfit. You can put kanzashi in your hair and decorate yourself in a Japanese manner.

There are various ways on how to decorate one's hair with a kanzashi. One of the simplest and elegant ways on how to wear a kanzashi is pictured above. By twisting one's long hair and keeping it together in a bun, you create volume to stick your kanzashi through. The kanzashi will act as an accent in this way, and people will marvel at your beauty from the front to the back.

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