Nintendo Wii, a revolution.

Wed, Sep 30th 2015, 08:58:00

If the truth be told we was looking forward to introduce you a game system you should definitively know, we're talking about one of the latest "Revolution" the big N company brings us a few year ago, the Nintendo Wii. Was 2005 when at the middle of the Nintendo's NDS overwhelming success the company came out with the code name of his new home console, a mysterious one, they call it Nintendo Revolution.

When Nintendo present the "Revolution" at the 2005 E3, we just saw a small, compact and well designed console that promise us a fully backward compatibility, and the ambitious objective to start a revolution by changing the way we understood video games. After a few years we have to say that Nintendo was right. With 101.56 million units sold all over the world, the Nintendo Wii changes the way people saw the video games, following the Nintendo DS "blue ocean" strategy.

By introducing the Wii remote controller and games like Wii Sports, Nintendo captured the attention of not just the gamers or the kids, for the first time there was a game system made for everyone, much more democratic than his competitors, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, in December 2009 Nintendo's Wii broke sales record for a single month in the USA. With this console Nintendo's target was not only the gaming public, but also dose who had never played video games before. Due to Nintendo Wii big success, other companies understood the necessity of opening their systems to new targets, Sony's move controller, or Microsoft's Kinet are good examples that the Nintendo Wii recipe was a safe bet. 

Despite nowadays the original Nintendo Wii is discontinued, you still be able to find dose games which made the Wii a must have console system. We are pretty sure that the acquisition of this games is a safe bet, so we spend some time looking for the best deals just for you, remember that due to the region system you may need a Japanese console to play this amazing video games, but don't worry you'll find a unique selection of the best deals in Nintendo Wii consoles too, your happiness is our duty! 

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