Japanese Cute Washi Tapes!

Sun, Jan 31st 2016, 14:14:36

Washi paper was first made in Japan, it's usually made using fibers from the bark of an specific Japanese tree called "gampi", the paper mulberry or the "Mitsumata" bush. It can be also made using other materials like wheat, hemp, bamboo or rice, and his name means "Japanese paper", this term is used to describe the paper made by hand. 

This paper is used for making the Washi Tapes, they're cute, they're Japanese and they're perfect for decor or packaging. Due to this material they're semi transparent, easy to use and with a nice and soft feel. Another grate feature of this cute Japanese tape is that it can be reused since it's removable and repositionable. 

Today we bring you a huge and carefully selected list of our favorite and best Washi Tapes. Choose between lots of color, designs and styles of this cute Japanese tapes. We're sure that you'll find a thousand of creative ways to use the colors and patterns of this "kawaii" washi paper tape!

You can use the Washi tape for a lot of DIY projects, decorate your smart phone or laptop, label your cords, use them to mark your calendar, make your clothes pins or binder clips look cuter, decorate your candles, tiny book marks, decorate your furniture, make cute and easy photo frames with them, put some washi tape over you polaroid withe frames, cover and decorate your books spines, wrap your chopsticks with 'em, make a car tracking in a kid's room, update your sunglasses by decorating them, create a mural in a white wall, decorate glass candle holders or if you prefer, just use it as a simple and standard old tape!

In any case don't forget to check our entire list, enjoy and be creative with the Japanese Cute Washi Tapes and J-Subculture! 

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